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Terriers needs a DVD distributor. A sexy, savvy, smart distributor. Only the sexiest, smartest, savviest distributor will do. But how will we ever find one? We have to be the sexiest, smartest, savviest fandom, and plead our case through numbers.

I have no idea if there are enough of us to make a DVD release a profitable thing. Neither do any distributors. Which is why I’m going the petition route. It’s the best way I can show numbers of humans all in one spot, who are still willing to purchase a DVD set of this show that was canceled almost a year ago.

We did this petition-thing when Wonderfalls was canceled and we wanted DVDs, and that all worked out, so why not try again?

Distros like Shout Factory have rescued beloved shows like Freaks & Geeks, My So-Called Life, and MST3K on DVD from studios who didn’t think there was a viable market for them. Surprise! There totally was a market for those shows. Perhaps there is a market for Terriers, too. We need to prove it.

Please sign the petition below, and then blog it, tweet it, email it, post it to your favorite ‘net community.

If you’re a journalist, please lend me a line in your column.

The internet is so big, and my tweets are so small. Help?

Terriers on DVD Petition


I'm going to put together a little tiny insane project to get Terriers on DVD. I need help with a couple of icons to add to the web page. Can anyone put together a couple of icons for me?

Very much appreciate any help, and get that peeps are busy.

Twitter fixed my car. Ask me how!

It's the three week anniversary of the night my gas pedal assembly decided it was time for a solo career and tried to break
free from my car. After two weeks of getting up at 5am to call tiny east coast parts dealers, studying federal safety and car parts laws, and recruiting my friends and family to tweet General Motors, my car is safely parked in the carport where it belongs.

Here's how it all went down: After discovering that GM stopped making accelerator pedal assemblies for my 2004 Chevy, and both my mechanic and the dealership advised me that a installing a used pedal would guarantee a horrible death on the 134, I set out to find anyone who had an unsold assembly. Google-fu turned up a couple of possibilities, but the last was sold in Atlanta three weeks prior to my needing one. I started calling General Motors, and getting lost down rabbit-holes of phonebank workers who promised return calls and never followed through.

I started to make some noise out on the internets, and a few folks from GM got in touch with me, asking that I keep their names confidential since my problem was not something they were supposed to be dealing with in the hierarchy of "Who Does What."

These anonymous GM workers started a search, advised me on how to talk to the dealership, what sort of help I could ultimately expect, how to get calls back...and they kept checking in on me. Quietly. The folks at GM who were paid to help people like me...didn't. But something about my story, about how much of my dreamy patriotism is wrapped up in a romantic notion of American cars, and especially in GM, resonated a little bit. There are people there who have great pride and respect in what they're doing, and in their history, and they just really wanted to find a way to get my car back together.

I'm so sorry that I can't name names and write letters of thanks on their behalf. The people who took time from their regular jobs at GM to help me are rock stars. I couldn't afford a new car right now, and that was the only option the dealership was leaving me with.

There was the guy who stepped up and offered me a loaner car until it was resolved, and the men and women who just offered constant assurance that this would be fixed, somehow. None of them work in Customer Service. But that's what they did, anyway.

So, eventually, both the dealership and GM caved and found a suitable used replacement part. They inspected it and assured me about a hundred times that despite their previous dire warnings, it would be safe to install. And they didn't charge me for it.

My chorus of Awesome Humans at GM continued to call and rally on my behalf, and held out the offer of a loaner Camaro,
just like the one I always wanted, just to take my dream car for a spin, anytime.

Oh! Oh! Almost forgot. Mark Kleis at Left Lane Magazine stepped up and wrote about my problems. Telling the dealership, "I spoke with a reporter this morning," helped open the floodgates of actual communication that no longer included phrases like, "there are no guarantees in life" and "I have no confidence in Detroit." It didn't stop them from calling me to ask if I still wouldn't want to buy a new car the day my part arrived. *raised eyebrow*

Kleis spent the better part of his interview time talking me off the ledge and explaining how car problems are dealt with in dealerships.

Summary: There are awesome humans working for GM. Perhaps they can make a training video for the phone jockeys?

There are awesome humans on the internet. Total strangers emailed me to offer sympathy, good advice, and support.

Los Angeles needs a better public transportation system.

When buying a new car, ask them to also throw in a new gas pedal assembly to keep on hand in your trunk with the spare tire, just in case.

Twitter will save the world.

For background info, see previous post: GM Broke My Heart

How GM Broke My Heart Over a Gas Pedal

I don't have any confidence in Detroit.

This is what the service manager at Chevy told me after my 2004 Chevy Cavalier had been in the shop for over a week. He also told me that, "there are no guarantees in life."

My 2004 Chevy is going to have to be junked because a $50 gas pedal assembly is no longer being manufactured, and the last one in the US sold in Atlanta three weeks ago.

It all started two weeks ago, when I was driving home from work. I thought my foot slipped on the gas pedal, but it was the gas pedal that slipped. It was wiggling around under my foot. Horrified, I brought it right to my mechanic of ten years. He said the gas pedal assembly was pulling loose from the car, and I needed a new one. The part would only be $50.

George checked for a recall, telling me it was dangerous, and then set out to find the part.

No dice. He told me what I typed above: The part is no longer being manufactured, and according to federal safety laws, a used assembly can't be installed (due to possible sticking/accelerating).

He said to take it to the dealership. This is where the nightmare of mind-searingly bad customer service begins.

They told me daily that the part was on its way...except that the part could never be on its way, as my mechanic told me, there are none, and none are being made.

There are no guarantees in life.

This is what the dealership told me next. So...GM can't guarantee that my car won't be junked in seven years due to a $50 part? Or that the gas pedal assemblies on their vehicles won't tear loose on the freeway two years after you've paid them off?

They tried to sell me a new car. I cannot afford a new car. I need my car to last one more year. I do not think it is too much to ask for a well-maintained GM car to last for nine years.

At one point, the Chevy dealer told me that my car was "really sweet, runs great!" And then they offered my $1000 for it as a trade-in, citing the issue that they couldn't really sell it due to the safety issue, but why don't I buy another GM?

They offered me a seven year(!) finance that was still $100 over budget. I asked why I would take a seven year loan on a car that historically (well, in my history) would have to be junked the same day I make my last payment.

GM Corporate said they'd get back to me. They keep saying that.

So now I take my argument to the net.

Why is a seven year old GM car junk for lack of a $50 part? And can GM come up with a good argument as to why I'll have to pit utilities payments against a car note for the next year by buying a GM? What say you, GM?

Why is my 7 year old GM junk because you don't have a $50 part? And would someone at GM corporate please call Allen Gwynn Chevrolet in Glendale, CA and have a talk with their General Manager? Because isn't it sort of bad for your company when your service providers have no confidence in Detroit?

At the very least, would you kindly send Eminem over to buy me a beer and crack skulls? That might raise my confidence in Detroit.

I just want someone from GM to admit that I have to junk a 2004 American car over a $50 pedal. Just say it, GM. Stop stringing me along. Say, "I'm sorry Ms. Beatrice, you have to junk your 2004 Chevy because we don't make gas pedals for our cars." And then I can have some peace.

PS: I was going to trade this car in for a Camaro in 2012 when me debts are paid...but you know? The Mustang looks good.

New Cell

Hey all, I have a new cell (same number, but I have to transfer numbers by hand), and need to update old crusty numbers. Iffn you want to have a cozy spot in my cell, please to give me your number! Comments are screened. Or, drop me an email @ Allyson000@aol.com

No word on the book until the end of February.

Biology Boy arrives on Friday, and yes, I'm a bundle of nerves.


top twenty!

Thanks so much to all who voted.

I made the top twenty at 3 Quarks Daily.

Will find out if I made it into the finals tomorrow. Tough competition by actual, you know, scientists.

Now I'm going out to troll for compliments on my writing to get me puffed up enough to send the children's book manuscript off to my agent this week.

I want to throw up. Do you guys ever do that? Beg for compliments/hair pats so you can get up the gumption to do something like this?

Is it really bad if I'm aware that I'm doing it?

Mega busy work day. I miss everyone. Hope my friends are doing well. Mwah!

container garden, year two

The lemon tree I thought was a lime tree really is a lemon tree, and the lemons are delish!

Because we worry that Mona could choke trying to catch a squirrel and getting caught on the railings of the balcony, I put down window boxes along the perimeter and filled them with sweet alyssum, and one with strawberries, which I will likely kill, poor things.

I'm trying herbs. I got sage, rosemary, and sweet basil. If the rosemary does well, I'll put it in its own large container. I'm still searching for chives, since I love them. Can't find starters anywhere. If anyone has seeds, can I send you a SASE?

Also, pansies!

Mar. 15th, 2009

The terror of trying to find a job in this economy is suffocating.

I am either ridiculously overqualified for jobs that would require a 20k - 30K pay cut or ridiculously underqualified for jobs in my current range.

I wish I could get a job beating the fuck out of the assholes who caused this economic meltdown. I'd take the 20K cut for that.

I'm so scared. I hate this.

Also? How did I let myself end up in a position where the only jobs I can get are "executive assistant to dumbass?"

That's on me.

The Mona Report

Poor Mona was bleeding. We found spots in our beds, and they were getting worse, plus she has goopy eyes, so we brought her in to the vet's office this morning.

I had to muzzle her, and she fought like hell in terror, and peed all over the table during her exam. She was just truly terrified, trembling. Made my heart hurt.

The vet thought it was likely a urinary tract infection, and gave us an antibiotic, and eye drops for her conjuctivitis. Then we went to Petco for a new harness and some treats. She had a great time at Petco and was very well-behaved.

Still, we need to get her into an obedience class to learn to sit, stay, and come when she's called. We would have started her this weekend, but her health was priority.

Because she had such a phenomenally shitty day, I gave her a ladle-full of broth from the pot roast I made, which she happily lapped up. She's had a few walks, doses of her medicine, and is now napping contentedly.

The vet says she's most definitely a dachshund/beagle mix. This explain so much about her clownish behavior. She is awfully funny.

Also, on all of the paperwork, Kristen is listed as Spouse/Other, which cracks me up.